Nursery-Pre K

DSC_4682-2SantamariafinalJonathan & Ruth Santamaria are a treasure and a gift to our Children’s Ministry! Jonathan is a Public School Teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology. Ruth has been a Latin American Bible Institute Teacher for more than twenty years, currently working on her Master’s Degree in Christian Education. They are passionate about teaching children the Bible in innovative and attractive ways. They both lead Granite Creek Children’s Ministry, Nursery through 6th Grade. They are committed to developing talented teachers and providing a great experience for your kids!

Nursery-Pre K

At Granite Creek, kids are a priority. One of our values is to see kids grow up to become everything God created them to be. Our goal is that they develop a personal faith and relationship with Christ, in a safe and loving environment, from an early age.

Our Nursery serves infants through non potty-trained 2 year olds and is located on the first floor of the church. The Nursery policies are stringent in regard to cleanliness, safety and care, and are strictly adhered to and monitored. We maintain a ratio of 1 caregiver to every 3 children.

Security - When a child is checked in, a name tag is generated for the child which contains an assigned code for that day for that child. The parent will be given a coded tag. The child will only be given to the person with the corresponding coded tag.

CONTACT TEXT CELL PHONE NUMBER: Give us your cell number upon check-in, we can text you during service if we need to reach you.

ALLERGIES: If your child has allergies or special needs, we ask that you notify the check-in person, so that we make sure to meet your child's needs. We are pleased to take care of your child while you attend service.

Preschool to Pre-Kindergarten
The Preschool Department serves potty-trained 2 year olds through Pre-Kindergarten children. Our teachers are loving, kind and patient people who love teaching the Bible. We also have strict policies regarding the care of preschool children. In Granite Creek Preschool we do more that babysit your child. We are committed to have a bible lesson every time.

The Story Teller - The lesson will include worship time, prayer, bible story, bible verse, craft time, and a practical application for a preschooler child. We use an innovative program called “The Story Teller” written and design by Jonathan & Ruth Santamaria. Through this program, the children are taken through the Bible in chronological order, and exposed to the most basic Christian principles. While listening to the accounts of “The Story Teller,” they travel through time and are able to be part of the story itself!

Weekly Services

Sunday Worship
1st Service 9:30 AM
2nd Service 11:00 AM
3rd Service 6:00 PM

Wednesday 7:00 PM


Granite Creek Community Church
1580 N Claremont Blvd 
Claremont CA  91711
Phone: (909) 625-4455

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