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View More » August 17, 2014 | Where Is God? | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky
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Where is God? It is a question we all ask at some point. If you have once felt His closeness, but no longer feel Him neer, where has he gone? The honest answer is that He has not gone. You have. Whether something else has captivated our hearts, we are disobedient to His calling, are in sin, or any other great number of things, it is us who are moving away from God. He is still there. Once we admit that, figure out or ask Him what is in the way, we can begin moving back towards closeness with our saviour.
View More » August 10, 2014 | It's All About the Mouse | Speaker: Pastor Larry Kapchinsky
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It's all about the mouse! Rather, it's all about Jesus. The question, or the test, is, do you know Him? Do you honor Him? And do you love Him?
View More » August 3, 2014 | God's Masterpiece | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky
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You are God's masterpiece. His workmanship. His Design. Too often, after years and years of listening to negative voices, including our own, we believe the lie that we are worthless. We think we aren't good enough or can't be good and please God. The opposite, however, is true. YOU ARE GOD'S MASTERPIECE.
View More » July 27, 2014 | Snow White: Sin and Salvation | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky
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Continueing our series, "The Bible According to Disney," we take a look at the first movie Disney created, Snow White.
View More » July 20, 2014 | Peter Pan: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky
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Sometimes we think if we just sprinkle "pixie dust," or live off of spiritual "highs" we will be okay. But you won't. You are actually living in "Peter Pan Syndrom" and running from what God is asking you to focus on in order for you to grow spiritually. Our love towards the Father should be that of a child, with no strings attached, just as Jesus tought. Paul teaches from this truth but explains that we must not reason like a child, but an adult. Don't be a child in your faith and run from the things God is wanting you to mature in. LOVE the Father like a child, but THINK like a mature adult in your faith.
View More » July 13, 2014 | Princes and the Frog: Transformation Central | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky
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When wishing upon a star, or rather coming to our God with our dreams, we must do our part and work hard as we also wait for God's answer. Troubles rise up in life, however, whether we are good people, or bad. Like in Princess and the Frog, our princess gets turned into a frog becuase of an immature prince that makes a deal with the "Shadow Man" in hopes of a shortcut to fix his problems. Whether we face trials like the princess, or cause them for ourselves like the prince, the answer to transforming out of those trials is love. Not just any love, but an intimate one with God, our FIRST LOVE.
View More » July 6, 2014 | Toy Story: Self Worth | Speaker: Pastor Michael Jones
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Where is your self worth? Our worth is not in who we are but whom we belong to. Buzz and Woody find their worth in their owner Andy, and how glorious it is when we find our worth in our Heavenly Father. King David is a reflection of us in all his fallen nature that surfaced from his longing for self worth. When he finally realized his worth was in God alone, he rejoices in the knowledge that God knows everything that he does. We are terrible sinners, but God knows everything that we do and still loves us!
View More » June 29, 2014 | Frozen: True Love | Speaker: Pastor Meko
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How do we know what true love is? Is it the extreme emotions we feel with fluffy butterflies? Or is it something deeper? Strangely enough, the truth can be found even in Disney. Find out what true love is as we look at this biblical truth found in the movie Frozen.
View More » June 22, 2014 | Transformation, No Strings Attached | Speaker: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky
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The beginning of our new Disney Series
View More » June 15, 2014 | Father's Day 2014 | Speaker: Pastor Meko
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Happy Father's Day!

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